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Weber Construction

Weber Construction  - Uvalde, Texas

More Than 40 Years of Experience in the Industry

After 42 Years in this business, we don't need practice.

We have been in business since 1968. Everyone in South Texas knows we are the shop to come to for many products and services. If you need land cleared, contact Weber Construction. We focus on root plowing and raking, but will do mulching too. We make tanks and ponds. Dams and bridges too. If your ranch needs some good roads built, call us at 830-278-7358.

Our machine shop is legendary in these parts.

We carry parts for heavy equipment and make custom hydraulic hoses in our machine shop. Local hauling is also available. We love Caterpillar equipment, but service them all. If you have a project in our area and are Headquartered somewhere else, we can help. After 42 Years in this business, we don't need practice. If you want quality work done at a fair price, that's Weber Construction.

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Weber Construction
Weber Construction

Land Clearing

We clear more land‎ from brush, cedar trees, mesquite and rocks than anyone else here. National accounts looking for an experienced team of construction professionals call Weber Construction.

Pond Construction

Pond construction is one of the things that keep us extremely busy every Year. Springtime pond construction is always something to look forward to. If you want a tank, swimming pond or fish pond, we can construct your pond and we guarantee our work. Pond construction is too important not to call Weber Construction

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