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Weber Construction


Weber Construction is headquartered in Uvalde, Texas. We provide many products and services, but if it has to do with heavy equipment; Weber Construction is where you should go in South Texas.

Weber Construction is proud to be from Texas!

Weber Construction is proud to be from Texas!

Land Clearing is an ongoing project in Texas. We clear more land‎ from brush, cedar trees, mesquite and rocks than anyone else here. National accounts looking for an experienced team of construction professionals call Weber Construction.

Tanks or ponds in Texas are very popular too. Pond construction is one of the things that keep us extremely busy every Year. Springtime pond construction is always something to look forward to. If you want a tank, swimming pond or fish pond, we can construct your pond and we guarantee our work. Pond construction is too important not to call Weber Construction.

We have the best machine shop around. Contact us today and tell us what you need. We make hydraulic hoses, parts, Whatever you need to be done.

Roads for the ranch are not a problem for Weber Construction. We have constructed so many in Uvalde County we lost count Years ago.

We even provide local hauling. If you need rock, gravel or need us to haul something else, contact Weber Construction today.




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