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Land Clearing

Before Land Clearing

After Land Clearing by Weber Construction

Some of the land clearing and Texas land clearing projects are:

Underbrush removal
Vegetation management
Home site clearing
Woodlot beautification
Logging clean-up
Trails & road clearing
Fence & survey line clearing
Utility right-of-ways - ROW
Pasture reclamation
Pipeline Right of Way
Fire break construction
Habitat improvement
Hunting leases

Wind Turbine Site Prep

Weber Construction has done Texas Land Clearing for Decades and have always made our customers happy. We guarantee our work and know what we are doing. It's not one guy who clears land. Our land clearing team will tackle your brush, cedar, mesquite or any other land clearing challenge.

We use our own equipment. Service our own equipment and many others too. If you want the best and most qualified land clearing company, contact Weber Construction. Texas land clearing has always been an ongoing project. You clear your land and have to do it again in a few Years. We can minimize the constant land clearing by doing it right the first time.

Residential projects

Fence line clearing up to 6 - 7.5 ft wide with
one pass for new fence construction or      
maintaining an existing fence

Home site clearing

Woodlot beautification - clean up around your
property without damage to surrounding trees

Trail and road clearing - easily wind around
large, beautiful trees

Reclaim overgrown property without scraping
soils and pushing debris into piles

As well as:
Residential & commercial developments
Pasture Reclamation
Pipeline initial construction clearing
Pipeline right-of-way reclamation
Right-of-Way maintenance
Game ranch habitat improvement
Pre-commercial plantation thinning
Post harvest clean-up

Wind Turbine Site Prep

Land Clearing  Benefits

No job too small or too big!
Reclaim overgrown property. See what you have rather than looking at a thicket
Clear selectively - we can leave selected trees and desirable vegetation, such as dogwoods
Cost effective, high production clearing 
We are fully insured
References available upon request


Land Clearing Costs

The cost of land clearing varies greatly. Each land clearing project is assessed on an individual basis. The factors that influence brush removal bids are dependent on the following:

size of area to be cleared

type of land clearing required

tree species, size and stand density


terrain: soil type and topography



Land Clearing and Land Sculpting

Brush Clearing

Land clearing and brush clearing in the Texas Hill Country is our specialty. Weber Construction provides land clearing, brush clearing and land sculpting services that require no burning in the following Texas counties: Medina County, Real County, Uvalde County, Bexar County, Kimble County, Edwards County, Menard County, Comal County, Bandera County, Val Verde County and Kerr County. Our Texas land clearing, brush clearing and land sculpting services are available in and around Sonora Texas, Bulverde Texas, Utopia Texas, Lost Maples area, Bandera Texas, Junction Texas, Mason Texas, Pipe Creek Texas, Segovia Texas, Medina Texas, Llano Texas, Center Point Texas, Boerne Texas, Del Rio Texas, Brackettville Texas,  Uvalde Texas, Leakey Texas, Sabinal Texas, Hondo Texas, Castroville Texas,  San Antonio Texas, Austin Texas, Kerrville Texas, Menard Texas, Rocksprings Texas and many other areas that have become infested with cedar and mesquite.

Land clearing in South Texas is our specialty. Weber Construction’s land clearing and land sculpting process is the best technique you’ll find for the infestation problem in Texas. No burning necessary. We can also use root plowing and raking to leave the ground sculpted. We provide all of South Texas including the Hill Country, San Antonio, Boerne, Kerrville, Junction, Menard, Rocksprings, Mason, Bandera, Leakey, New Braunfels, Utopia, Del Rio, Uvalde and surrounding areas with land clearing. We can remove cedar and brush without damaging valuable trees and the ground, leaving land in a park-like condition.  With top-of-the-line equipment and many Years of experience, we clear land quickly and leave property with a sculptured look. Our Caterpillar equipment selectively removes unwanted brush without damaging valuable trees.  Your land will be left sculptured and beautiful. Contact  Weber Construction if you want it done right.

Weber Construction machines will clear your land.  Stumps are cut to ground level, leaving land with a smooth terrain that can be driven on by trucks and equipment immediately after land clearing and Texas Brush Clearing. After land clearing and Texas brush clearing, some landowners have seen creeks that were dry, begin to run again and springs come alive that were seemingly not there!

Unlike most methods of land clearing in Texas, we can selectively clear brush, mesquite and cedar without damage to other trees and the ground. This helps restore your land to its natural state. Land clearing and land sculpting is the most ecologically progressive technique available to Texas land owners.

Weber Construction also offers land clearing services for Pipeline right of way, Utility Lines, Gas lines, Electric lines, and Wind Turbine site prep.

Weber Construction has successfully cleared large projects for, seismic contractors, pipeline contractors, power line right of way, major oil companies and utility/electric companies, as well as individual ranch owners. We have outstanding references and are fully bonded and insured. 

Contact us for all of your cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing needs. We work in and around the following areas: the Texas Hill Country, Medina County, Real County, Uvalde County, Bexar County, Val Verde County, Kimble County, Edwards County, Comal County, Menard County, Bandera County and Kerr County. Our cedar clearing, brush clearing and land clearing services are available in and around Del Rio Texas, Brackettville Texas, Bulverde Texas, Bandera Texas, Junction Texas, Mason Texas, Pipe Creek Texas, Segovia Texas, Medina Texas, Llano Texas, Center Point Texas,  Utopia Texas, Uvalde Texas, Del Rio, Texas, Leakey Texas, Sabinal Texas, Hondo Texas, Kerrville Texas, San Antonio Texas,  and many other areas that have become infested with brush and mesquite. 





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